Vive La France! – CD – Diana Cantrelle


Order this magnificient audio CD of 20 songs and a 30-page booklet that includes both French lyrics with English lyrics in translation. CD includes songs from French opera as well as some of Diana’s original compositions.

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Hard Copy of Diana Cantrelle – Vive la France – A Celebration of France & Friendship
–  $ 13.25 = United States (includes postage and handling)
– $ 21.50 = International (includes postage and handling)
Hard Copy of CD has a beautiful booklet that features the art of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, CD art is printed right on the disc, one can get to know the Artists (photos/bios), includes translations of the French songs into English, and provides back stories of Cantrelle’s original compositions.  This CD design complete package by Graphic Artist Deborah McKinney is a collectors item to treasure for your music library.
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France and the United States have been allies throughout most of history. The United States of America would not have become a country without the aide of France during the American Revolution. WWII was a desperate time for France and the United States took up arms to help a friend in need. Politics, policies, and lovers’ quarrels aside, music is a great uniter/healer for all people—thus my inspiration for Vive la France!—A Celebration of the Music of France & Friendship. I hope you enjoy this collection of delicious repertoire, with bonus flavorings of my own compositions.