Professional Policies

When you join our musical family, I employ all of my teaching resources to help you achieve your goals.  In return, I ask for total concentration during lessons, dedication to practice and an open mind to learn new things.  I believe in making the learning environment a fun,  safe place to try without judgment.  For it is in the singing, that we find our voice.

Professional Policies

Time:  Out of courtesy for your fellow musicians,  please be on time.  I will not run behind to teach a full hour if one is late.  The following student, who is on time,  deserves to have their lesson on time.  In the professional world,  (AGMA,  AEA,  SAG)  the artist would be fined.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel less than 24 hours, you may be charged for that lesson.  Situations can arise last minute, but if you find that you are feeling sick or running late,  please text or call me.  If you inform me of your tardiness or cancellation in a timely manner, we can make up your time at a later date.

Equipment: A piano or some type of keyboard instrument is useful for study so you can practice at home; a water bottle (a well hydrated artist is an healthy artist); a recording device to record lessons and oneself during practice.

Put your music in a 3 ring binder (I have lots of learning tools!), bring a pencil to take notes and wear comfortable clothing so you can breathe!  I suggest making a place in your home that is your musical sanctuary,  where you can practice and look forward to visiting everyday for at least 30 minutes.

Rates:  CV-19

After heartfelt thinking about what we are all going through, I want to bring joy, encouragement and normalcy to your lives while you are doing your part to stop the spread of the virus, by being sequestered in your homes.
My normal charge for 1 hour lesson is $75.
30 March 2020 –  Hope for Healing Special =  
                                                $50 per Hour and $35 per Half-hour
                                          voice, theory, diction, acting lessons
                                          via Skype, FB Video, Zoom or FaceTime.
with love and gratitude for what is really important,
diana cantrelle

Under normal circumstances:

Voice lessons are $75 per hour, $65 per 45 minute lesson

and $50 per half hour.

Share a lesson with a friend, $90 per hour ($45 each).

I accept check, cash or pre-pay for your lessons below with PayPal:

use this email to send payment –

One (1) one-hour voice lesson is $75

One (1) forty-five minute lesson is $65

One (1) half-hour voice lesson is $50

Special Offers for Weekly Students:

Pay for four One Hour Lessons in advance – 1 hour and get one FREE!  Which comes to $60 per hour lesson!  You must take your 5 lessons weekly, or at least within a three month period.   Sequential lessons are beneficial in that you are building technique and endurance,  one builds upon the other.

Five (1 hour) Voice Lessons for $300 = $75 dollar savings

Other Package Deals:

Five (45 minute) Voice Lessons = $280 = $45 dollar savings

Four Half-hour Voice Lessons for $175 = $25 savings; taken once a week and expires within two months.

Refer a Friend! – After your fellow artist’s 3rd lesson, you receive one free!  😀

Music – I encourage you to bring songs that you would like to learn.  As I get to know your voice, will also suggest repertoire.  I am the only voice/piano/acting teacher I know, that provides materials for her students.  And I can suggest websites, resources where you can purchase music and aides to help you learn your repertoire.


I enjoy all types of music. I encourage you to listen to a variety of music, analyze what is good about it  and keep a journal to notate your thoughts, practice and progress.

Contact me:

I look forward to working with you for nothing makes me happier than to see you grow as an Artist!