Le Chat Botté – Puss in Boots

• Based on story by Charles Perrault
• Music & Lyrics by Diana Cantrelle © 2010

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•  50 minute Opera
•  For Children and the Young at Heart
•  Piano or Jazz Combo
•  Quartet of singers

Character Descriptions:
Narrator is Pianist or separate character – Folksy, Southern Charm

Le Chat Botté (Bootsy to her friends) –Mezzo-soprano, Feisty, fun, clever and a scrappy survivor with French accent

Old Miller (Angel-Daddy)/King Louis/Rougarou – Baritone
Old Miller –working class earthy, fatherly
King – lighthearted, kind, pampered and a wee ditsy
Rougarou – Ogre, big, scary, & arrogant

Le Mâitre (alias Marquis de Carabas) is Jean-Claude – Tenor Handsome, adventurous and romantique… We see a change in his spirit from down trodden, to hope, to victorious

Princess Sophie/Oldest and Middle Brothers – Soprano, As oldest and middle brothers (the middle being a hand held puppet) – snotty, typical sibling torture
Princess –innocently beautiful, curious and visionary

Le Chat Botté is an ensemble piece, where all the characters move in & out of roles and various townsfolk, animals, forest, stream, etc… Everyone helps create the world in which they all live. This theatrical device is fun to watch and sparks the imagination of both actor and audience.

And so the story begins… Please contact for a sample script and rights for performances!

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